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Médiat Rhône-Alpes is one of the 12 regional training centers related to books, libraries and documentation professions.

Médiat Rhône-Alpes is an interuniversity department, part of Pierre-Mendès-France University. Médiat Rhône-Alpes has two offices, one in Grenoble, one in Lyons.

Médiat Rhône-Alpes missions and activities

  • Our aim is to offer continuous training to university and public library staff in the Rhône-Alpes region (8 departments, 450 libraries)
  • We prepare for competitive examinations for access to library professions
  •  We take part in the initial training of those who wish to continue the profession  
  • Our job consists of :
    - Dispensing training and organizing workshops.
    - Preparing for competitive examinations.
    - Organizing seminars, research colloquia, professional trips, library visits.
    - Managing International programs.
    - Dispensing advice in training, corporate training.

Contact information

Marie-Madeleine Saby, conservateur général des bibliothèques, Director
Odile Nguyen, conservateur des bibliothèques, Deputy Director

In Grenoble

Odile Nguyen, Office Manager

Muriel Coulon, Jérôme Pouchol, technical training;
Odile Nguyen, Hélène Biez-Namèche, general technical training

Nadege Ambregni, Isabelle Caterina, Catherine Foubert-Pouilly, secretarial staff ;
Claude-Annie Perrin, Céline Sogno, accounting staff

In Lyons

Lauren Khamkham, Office Manager

Hélène Biez-Nameche, general technical training


Michèle Charvieux, Nathalie Mascarell,  secretarial staff.

Médiat Rhône-Alpes public

  • Institutions, most often public ones, seeking library training
  • Professionals seeking training, either on their own initiative or by assignment

Types of trainings

Long-term training
Specialized trainings in youth (specialized university diplomas). Basic vocational training for library professions.

Medium-term training
Preparation to competitive examination recruiting civil servants in public and university libraries.

Short-term training
Continuing education courses.

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Contact us

Grenoble :
Médiat Rhône-Alpes
Université Pierre-Mendès-France
BP 47
38040 Grenoble Cedex 9

tel. : +33 (0)

Bibliothèque universitaire Sciences Lyon 1
20 avenue Gaston Berger
BP 72215
69603 Villeurbanne Cedex
tel. : +33 (0)

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